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Suitcases banned in Croatia to curb noise pollution


Dubrovnik, the captivating city in Croatia, has introduced new measures that prohibit tourists from dragging wheeled suitcases along the historic stone-paved and cobbled streets of the Old Town. This move comes in response to complaints about noise pollution caused by the suitcases, which has been disrupting the peace and tranquility of the residents during nighttime.

Mayor Mato Frankovic has taken the initiative to enforce these regulations, urging visitors to consider alternative options for carrying their belongings while exploring the city’s remarkable sights. Those who choose to defy the ban and insist on carrying their bags instead will now face a significant fine of $288 USD. This announcement has sparked mixed reactions among visitors, with some applauding the initiative as a brilliant idea.

“I think this is a fantastic concept. Perhaps we could extend it to airports and train stations as well, as the nuisance caused by wheeled suitcases is truly frustrating,” one person commented online, endorsing the new rule.

The restriction on wheeled suitcases is just one facet of a broader strategy aimed at discouraging the presence of any large bags within Dubrovnik. Local reports suggest that starting in November, the municipal government plans to establish a system wherein travelers can deposit their bags outside the city, ensuring a more hassle-free experience within the historic confines.

As the city of Dubrovnik continues to evolve, these measures seek to strike a balance between preserving the cultural heritage and quality of life for its residents, while ensuring an enjoyable and respectful visit for tourists. It remains to be seen how these new regulations will shape the future of tourism in this remarkable Croatian city.

In addition to the suitcase ban, tourists have been encouraged to demonstrate respect towards the city by refraining from walking pets without a leash, avoiding climbing monuments, and maintaining appropriate attire by wearing shirts while exploring the area.

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