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Toronto couple surprises wedding guests with McDonald’s meals

Toronto couple surprises wedding guests with McDonald’s meals

People go to great lengths to make their weddings unique and memorable, following this, a couple in Toronto decided to skip the traditional way to book a caterer for their wedding and decided to treat them all to Mcdonald’s.

Izzy Barreto tied the knot with her husband Justin last year in October. In a bold move, they opted to break convention and allocated over Rs 60,000 (CA$ 1000) towards treating their wedding guests to a McDonald’s feast instead of traditional late-night catering.

They ordered 100 cheeseburgers, 100 pieces of junior chicken, and 150 fries. They pre-ordered it using Uber Eats. The bride said, “We wanted to do something that wasn’t super traditional.”

“It felt like a natural extension of who we are. We didn’t conform to many traditions, such as having a wedding cake, as we’re not particularly fond of it. Instead, we delighted in a delectable cheese board.” said the bride.

The bride emphasized the importance of prioritizing one’s happiness on their wedding day, rather than conforming to others’ expectations. She shared, “Many people adhere to traditions to please their guests or family, but it’s crucial to do what brings you joy.”

Furthermore, the bride expressed delight in the positive reception from their guests: “Our idea was a huge hit with our guests. We even allowed them to take McDonald’s meals home, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.”


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