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‘Ukraine not ready for NATO’: Joe Biden turns down their membership till war with Russia ends


US President Joe Biden in an interview with Fareed Zakaria of CNN has said that Ukraine is not yet ready for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) membership, saying that the war against Russia must end before the alliance considers adding Ukraine to it. He further added that the US and its allies in NATO will continue to provide Ukraine forces with security and weaponry to help end the war against Russia.

In a move to improve Ukraine’s military as it stages a counteroffensive against Russia, the Biden administration earlier on Friday announced that the US would provide Ukraine cluster munitions for the first time. It was a “difficult decision,” according to Biden, to provide Ukraine with the controversial ammunition, but he was sure it was necessary since Ukraine was out of ammo.

The NATO summit also comes at a time when Turkey and Hungary are opposing Sweden’s bid to join the Western alliance. In an interview with Zakaria, Biden expressed his optimism that Sweden would eventually join NATO, noting that the main holdout, Turkey, as well as Greece, which has voted to allow Sweden, are both working to modernize their respective F-16 fleets.

Biden added that he is certain that China wants to overtake the US as the nation with the largest economy and military strength in the world, but he thinks Washington and Beijing can cooperate. “I think there is a way to resolve, to establish a working relationship with China that benefits them and us.” He also added, “I also called him after he had that meeting with the Russians about this new relationship, etc”. And I said, “This is not a threat. It’s an observation”. I said, “Since Russia invaded Ukraine, 600 American corporations have pulled out of Russia. And you’ve told me that your economy depends on investment from Europe and the United States. Be careful”.

Biden also talked about Israel saying that Israeli President Isaac Herzog will soon be coming to the White House. He had criticized Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu in March for his since-canceled proposal to revamp the nation’s judicial system, marking a rare public incident in which the two allies were openly at war.

The problem between Israel and the Palestinians should be resolved through the creation of two states, according to Biden. Some of Netanyahu’s cabinet members came under fire from the US president for how they felt about Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

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