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World’s largest cruise ship is almost ready and sets sail for the 1st time in initial sea trial


The world’s largest cruise ship just had its trial run and is all set to sail on Caribbean waters early next year. The ship, Icon of the Seas, will join the fleet of Royal Caribbean International, in January 2024. 

‘The Icon of the Seas’ is an immense cruise ship, spanning an impressive length of 1,200 ft (365 meters) and weighing a staggering 2,50,800 tonnes. When it embarks on its maiden voyage in January 2024, it will have the capacity to accommodate over 7,960 individuals, with the flexibility to cater to either 5,610 passengers or 2,350 crew members. Notably, the ship’s capacity may even exceed these numbers. Setting new standards of entertainment and recreation, the vessel boasts a remarkable feature: six record-breaking water slides known as Category 6, along with seven pools and nine whirlpools, ensuring an unforgettable experience for its guests.

According to Royal Caribbean, Icon of the Seas is 6% bigger and 10 ft longer than the Wonder of the Seas, which is currently the largest ship.

The world’s biggest ship offers an impressive range of features for a delightful onboard experience. It includes a water park, family areas, revamped pool decks, an aqua dome, an aqua theatre, large windows with stunning views, a park with real plants, a swim-up bar, and an infinity pool, among other attractions. When the Icon of the Seas is fully complete, it will be 20 decks high.

The Icon completed its first set of sea trials on June 22, according to a Royal Caribbean statement. “During her first set of sea trials, Icon of the Seas traveled hundreds of miles, during which the main engines, hull, brake systems, steering, noise, and vibration levels were all tested, Everything was done on time as outlined in the schedule, despite her departure being delayed due to wind conditions.” the statement said.

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