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Bringing Back Brilliance: 75 Indian Scientists Return Home, Spotlight on AI and ML


Around 75 Indian scientists living abroad are set to return to India within the next three years as part of the government’s new fellowship program. The scheme, called Vaibhav and launched by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), aims to facilitate collaborations between Indian-origin scientists abroad and institutions in India.

The first group of 22 fellows has already been chosen and is expected to start working at Indian institutes in April. Under the program, selected scientists will spend 1-2 months annually in India for up to three years, receiving a grant of Rs 4 lakh per year ($4,800). The fellowship covers international travel, accommodation, and research expenses in India.

Dr. Charu Agarwal from DST mentions that they received 302 proposals last year, with 22 being shortlisted for the fellowship. Areas like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have attracted the most interest among applicants.

The fellowship aims to bolster scientific collaboration and contribute to India’s research capabilities. It also aligns with the government’s scientific missions, including the National Quantum Mission and the National Supercomputing Mission.

Most applications have come from the US and Canada, with scientists from various other countries also showing interest. The proposals undergo rigorous review by expert committees before final selection.

Overall, the fellowship program presents a valuable opportunity for Indian scientists abroad to contribute to their home country’s scientific progress while benefiting from collaborative research opportunities and building networks.

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